This morning has been super uneventful and considering I have a couple of days off from work, I imagined it going very differently.

Yesterday was the first day I have had off during the work week since last April, ok I lied, I had time off during September but it was for bereavement so I didn’t really consider that voluntary time off to be productive. At any rate, my husband and I planned on doing so much on these couple of days off like catching up on our house since we haven’t had the chance to since we bought it last July. Maybe we had some time, but we didn’t “feel” that we were able to accomplish tasks that need to be done to consider ourselves fully moved in.

Well, as you can imagine, we haven’t really accomplished much since yesterday. Here I am day two of my time off and have spent the last 4 hours searching websites on how to make passive income. I found myself taking these senseless surveys rather than accomplishing a goal that we had spelled out prior to taking time off. The worst part is that yesterday I spent most of the day looking for deals on a vacation to St. Lucia and with no savings to speak of.

Let me back up a little so that there is a clear understanding to why I would even want to start a blog. For 10 years now I have been a parent to my own child and then to my step son for the last 6 years. My husband and I have spent 6 years together with half custody of our children allowing us ample time to discuss our past, current and future life together. Every night after work we talk for hours about different ideas on how to improve our lives. For example we had decided that finishing my college education was beneficial for our family. For 4 years I went to college while working full time and my husband took care of everything at home after or during his work week. Well, last year I finished college and moved up the ranks a little in my job that afforded me the opportunity to get licensed in selling securities. In December I passed all the exams to become fully licensed for my next position. Now it’s January I’m getting a bit bored because I feel that I don’t have a long term goal set and working towards. Before I get to much off of subject, my point is that we have set goals, not just those that I have mentioned but other really great ideas that have fell through the cracks.

Why I’m writing this blog is more than just to sit here and reveal all that I have done or want to do, because I’m not even sure if people read these things. What I’m hoping is that it helps keep me accountable for those ideas that we have conversations about and stick to them.

Yours Truly,



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